Students may dress and groom themselves in any manner that is not disruptive to the educational environment or dangerous to themselves or others. The exception to this right is in "Uniformly Dressed" schools. These schools have Board of Education approval to determine the type of dress, including the color, that students may wear at school. Students and parents will be notified of this dress policy upon enrollment into the school. Each school may provide a more specific list of prohibited items.

Eastridge Elementary School is a Uniformly Dressed School.

Eastridge Uniformly Dressed Policy

Dress Code FAQ's

Q. May my child wear a hat to school?
A. All hats and skull caps must be removed upon entering the building and may only be worn in school on designated hat or spirit days.

Q. Are hooded sweatshirts okay?
A. No, any sweatshirts worn in school must not have a hood.

Q. May my child wear flip flops to school?
A. No, flip flops are generally considered unsafe and not to be worn to school.

Q. Should my child wear a belt?
A. If your child's pants have belt loops, a belt should be worn. Sagging pants are not allowed.

Q. Are sweatpants allowed in school?
A. No, sweatpants are not acceptable.